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I enjoy exploring and I enjoy history, but, I confess, I wanted to combine the two and had no idea how to do it. After months of study and research I came up with a way that helped me accomplish the marriage of history and exploration. The eBook, Historical Exploration for Modern Explorers, lays out the details of my approach using a real example to show you exactly how it's done. I hold nothing back and will not bug you to buy something to get the whole story - you can get the whole story free, right now, without obligation. Just provide your name and email address to the right, confirm your email from your inbox and get instant access to Historical Exploration for Modern Explorers.

  • For Explorers - learn how to discover history by walking in the footsteps of historical figures.
  • For Adventurers - learn how to take historical exploration the next step and feel what historical figures felt.
  • For Teachers - learn how to make history real for your students and give them irreplaceable in-person experiences.
  • For Writers - learn how to do the research and field work to make your publications exude reality.
  • For Families - learn how to create a unique vacation that will capture your family's imagination while grounding them in history.

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